Roof Repair or Replacement

One of the most common concerns I am asked as I walk around taking a look at roofing systems around Sydney is: “Should I repair or change?”

A roof repair is typically a much shorter term choice whilst a roof replacement is more of a lifetime option. There are always exceptions to this rule– and some roof repairs can use rather long term service.

Sometimes, it is not the roof that is the problem, but the guttering (typically box rain gutters) or the roof flashings. And there are the scenarios where future house improvements are prepared and a roof repair is a great ‘bridging’ alternative. So, this concern is rather valid for a lot of resident.

Utilizing the photo (above) of a normal Sydney roof as an example, the metal skillion roof is in a really advanced state of rust. It is rather clearly a candidate for replacement.Any repair work done on this rusty roof has a really brief life span due to the fact that another area elsewhere would stop working … Build up the cost of all the repair work and still having to do a roof replacement really quickly, it is cheaper to simply forget the repair choice and go straight for a roof replacement now.

When repair is a very viable option, the tile roof in the picture is a great example of. The tiled roof valleys might need replacement if they are rusty and the ridge capping might require re-pointing. A repair task on the tile roof need to provide another Twenty Years of excellent service prior to any additional expenditure is needed.

Slate roofs are a slightly various story. I do not do slate roofing systems because it is an area that I do not bring enough knowledge on. In Sydney, slate roof work is best brought out by someone like Heath (a slate specialist) at Sydney Wide Roofing Co. Slate roofings can be pricey (and challenging) to repair. They are likewise pricey to replace with brand-new slate– although a colorbond roof replacement for a slate roof is a really excellent (and cheaper) option.

Roofing systems in Sydney have relatively long lives. 40 to 50 years is common– when a query comes through about a Twenty Years old roof that the owner believes may need replacement, it calls for some further questioning. A 20 year old roof is a ‘young’ roof.

The minimized serviceability of a Sydney roof indicate an installation problem. Typical examples are:

Tile roofs laid too flat: Sarking under the tiles funnel the leakages to the house and the gutter owner has no indicator that there are leakages. The roof tiles drop– usually putting a tear in the sarking and suddenly the roof starts leaking .

Failure at joints: The joints at the roof flashings can fail gradually. This occurs with long lengths of flashings that have big resultant thermal motions that shear off the pop rivets and tear the sealant joints. If the sealant is not located properly, end laps on roof sheeting can wear away prematurely– particularly.
Tree leaves: These can create moist environments that promote corrosion. If leaves get trapped under roof flashings or in rain gutters– there will be early rust.

So, should you repair or replace your roof?

My first top priority when I get onto a roof is to see if the roof can be ‘conserved’ by doing reliable roof repairs that can add several years to the life of the roof. Some roofings that I see shriek “Roof Replacement” at me. And this is generally the correct option. Read more about roof challenges at our friends blogĀ